An intelligent surveillance system

VigiEye is an intelligent surveillance system developed for the retail businesses by Media Access International, Inc. It is a three camera system that monitors the back entrance, cash register and customer area. It is intended to help the store manager find suspicious activities, as well as reduce the amount of time needed to review past video data. A list of some of the events detected by the system is:

      • Multiple people entering or exiting the back door at the same time. In many stores, this could be a sign of merchandise theft through the back door.
      • People leaving the store carrying objects. It could be an employee carrying empty boxes to the dumpster; however, it could also be an employee taking merchandises to a car parked in the back area of the store.
      • People leaving the back entrance running. In most cases, no person should be leaving the store from the back door running unless they are partaking in illegal activities.
      • Vendor dollies entering and leaving the store. One of the big theft losses for stores is vendor theft. In some instances, vendors bring the merchandises on a dolly and leave with other merchandises while the store employees are busy with customers.
      • Cash register opening and closing.
      • Cash register opening and closing while there are no customers in front of the cashier within a defined period of time. In some instances, a client is in a hurry and does not ask for a receipt. The employee opens the cash register after the customer leaves the store to recover the cash of the transaction.
      • Customers in front of the cashier without the cash register being opened within a define period of time. In some instances, cashier's friends frequent the store during their friend's shift and take merchandises from the cashier without paying for them.

Main live module


Tuning module


Preview: A person leaving the store carrying an object


Preview: A dolly leaving the back entrance


Preview: Two people leaving the back door at the same time


Preview: A cash drawer is opened while there is no customer


Preview: There is a customer but the cash drawer did not open

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