• High quality video recording and playback
  • Adjust every camera separately
  • Audio recording up to 4 channels
  • Record around the clock, by motion or by a clock schedule
  • Multiple level password allows you to restrict access to certain cameras for a limited login time
  • Full input and output access control
  • Object counting.  By defining a border line, the system counts how many people enter and leave
  • Full screen live viewing.  Allows you to see only cameras on the pc monitor
  • Output video to LCD flat panel monitors
  • Preview previous data by calendar date and time, by motion, by login event, by object counter and by point of sale transaction
  • Preview previous data in single view, multiple views and thumbnail
  • Zoom in and zoom out, and change the playing speed while previewing previous video
  • Image enhancement functionalities while previewing video
  • Save old data on a CD/DVD for later previewing on a different machine
  • Operate the system with a remote control instead of a keyboard
  • Preview live and recorded data over the internet
  • Create an electronic map of your home or store.  It allows you to click on a camera in the map to monitor live video
  • Preview live data in your wireless PDA or phone equipped with Pocket PC PDA from anywhere in the country







Cameras are installed in the daycare and positioned in the children's' favorite gathering places.   No cameras are pointed at diaper-changing stations, bathrooms or administrative offices.   Authorized parents can then log in with a unique user name and password enabling them to view streaming images of their children via an Internet computer connection.     This system also enhances parent provider communication.   Instead of asking the teacher how a child's day was, parents can ask specific questions about their child's behavior or eating habits.   Likewise, parents can strike up a conversation with their child on the ride home about the project of the day, the dance they did, or the book they read with the teacher.


  • The service would include a website for the daycare where parents can read news, look at the daycare calendar for daily events and ask for live technical help.

  • Parents would be able to view their children live and snap and print pictures directly from their computers.

  • Accessing the cameras remotely is implemented with the maximum security measures and only parents with the right user id and password are able to login.
  • Parents would be able to see live video and not static pictures updated every few seconds.
  • If parents have a phone enabled PDA with Internet access, they will be able to view their child while on the road.
  • Parents would be able to build a book of candid snapshots taken of precious moments.
  • Parents would be able to keep track of how their child is adjusting when transitioning to a new room.
  • Room level permissions ensure that authorized parents and families are limited to only viewing those rooms that they have a child or children enrolled in.
  • Technical support from Media Access International, Inc. would be available to help with any internet connection problem.
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